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Order Tramadol India, Buy Generic Tramadol Uk

This holiday season G&T Industries, Inc. employees in Byron Center were connected to the YWCA via United Way for the Adopt-A-Family program.  The YWCA works specifically with families who have been affected by domestic violence.  For this reason much of the family information is kept confidential and the YWCA works with its volunteers to ensure delivery to the adopted families in time for the holidays.  The YWCA had a total of 60 families in the area who were adopted.

G&T adopted a family of a single mother and three children, ages 5, 8, and 15.  The family provided a small wish list of a toy for each child and some basic necessities such as clothing, shoes, bus passes, a vacuum cleaner, and other household items.  Between gift tags that our employees chose and purchased themselves and cash donations we were able to provide all of the items on the family’s wish list as well as non-perishable grocery items, cleaning supplies, gift cards to Meijer and some restaurants, books for each child, and a voucher for a day of fun at the Fun Spot (roller skating).  We were also fortunate enough to receive a donated family membership pass to the YMCA for the family (thanks to the Spartan Stores YMCA!).  Once again the true generosity of G&T’s employees has provided a happier holiday season for a family in need.

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