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G&T Industries is excited to announce the acquisition of Foam Fair Industries of Aldan, Pennsylvania. Established in 1970, Foam Fair is an experienced, family owned foam and rubber fabricator.

“We acquired Foam Fair because the company has a well-recognized brand built around speed and quality.” Said Matt Wieringa, VP Sales and Marketing. “Similar to G&T, Foam Fair has been solving complex problems for customers for over 40 years.”

The addition of Foam Fair to the G&T family of companies brings both experience and high tech fabricating equipment for closed cell sponge rubber to G&T’s customer base. It will also allow G&T to expand into new markets such as medical, military, and HVAC with gaskets and seals, air and fluid filters, thermal controls, vibration pads, and foam tapes.

“In addition to capabilities, acquiring Foam Fair has given us the opportunity to add many talented people to the G&T team”, said Rol Grit, President and CEO of G&T Industries.

We welcome both Foam Fair’s employees and customers to the G&T family!

G&T Industries, Inc. is a 100% employee-owned company (ESOP) that has been solving complex problems for over 60 years. The company uses a people-centric philosophy and unmatched capabilities in foam and rubber fabrication, contract assembly, global sourcing and order fulfillment to create innovative solutions for customers in the transportation, packaging, medical, furniture and marine industries. Headquartered in Byron Center, Michigan, the company also operates facilities in Reading, Pennsylvania and Jasper, Indiana.

For more information, please contact G&T Industries at 1-800-968-6035.