Where are the Workers?

Certainly, this has been a frequently asked question in conversations among those owning or operating a business with a manufacturing/factory component. In recent years, the need for hourly employees has increased, yet the pool of a ready and able workforce dwindled. One employer recently told us they had to turn down a 4 million dollar piece of new business, because the availability of labor wasn’t there. Another says finding new employees is more important than finding new customers since labor is the biggest impediment to their continued growth. Unfortunately, what is coming down the road is the rapid retirement of millions of Baby Boomers in the next 5-7 years and that will only magnify the problem. There are currently over 4 million unfilled jobs in the US today with a projection of an additional 5 million job openings going unfilled by 2022 due to the Boomer exodus. That is a BIG deal.
What to do?
At one point, doing business offshore was done for cost reasons. More often today, doing business offshore it is simply a smart move; to have a foothold in developing areas of the world in order to hedge for the current and upcoming capacity shortages. The demographics and shear populations in China, Southeast Asia, and India provide a large and available supplemental labor force. World Resource Partners provides a bridge to this labor availability, while insuring the quality, on-time delivery and customer service is on point, using our own teams of people on location in the countries where products are manufactured. Our service and quality are second to none. We take on the risk of sourcing products for you and providing a turn-key solution that includes tooling and supply chain management.
Why worry about the attraction and retention of workers that are getting harder and harder to find? Let WRP take the pain away by bringing your project to where labor is still readily available.
Food for thought.