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Tramadol Mastercard Overnight - Tramadol Online Cod Payment

Our business entails taking large buns and planks of PU, PE, EPE, and XLPE and cutting them into specific shapes and products for our customers.  While we work hard to engineer the highest possible yield from every cut, it is impossible to not create some excess material (scrap) from the fabrication processes.

G&T Industries is committed to diligently work to reduce our impact on the environment; and doing everything possible to reduce landfill use.  For many years, GT has compacted our internal PU (polyurethane) offal to prepare the material for recycling, and are working directly with several large outside customers as well to take back and recycle their polyurethane scrap material as an additional service (minimize the waste stream).  This scrap material which would otherwise end up in a landfill, is sold to companies that manufacture pet beds, futons, or make carpet padding.

Now, we’ve stepped up our game again by being one of very few companies in our industry to install a PE (polyethylene) Densinator (Compactor).  The unit itself is 6’ x 12’ in size and is allowing us to create PE recycled logs that are being sold for reuse in the industry.  Prior to installing this machine, GT was making 2-3 trips to the landfill each week to dispose of PE scrap material, now over 12,000 lbs of PE excess material per week is being recycled and taken out of the waste stream. 

We are pleased to be able to continue to find ways to be a good steward of the environment that we all share together. 

G&T Industries, Inc. is a 100% employee-owned company (ESOP) that has been solving complex problems for over 60 years. The company uses a people-centric philosophy and unmatched capabilities in foam and rubber fabrication, upholstery and assembly, global sourcing and order fulfillment to create innovative solutions for customers in the transportation, medical, furniture, military, electronics, HVAC, athletic, packaging and marine industries. Headquartered in Byron Center, Michigan, the company also operates facilities in Reading, Pennsylvania and Jasper, Indiana.

For more information, please contact G&T Industries at 1-800-968-6035.