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Every aspect of our company is entirely reliant on people. When real people do real business with each other, everyone succeeds.

A foundation of foam.

Founders Robert S. Greiner and K. Kenneth Tarbell created G&T Industries in 1954 to support the post-war boom in contract office seating foam. Focusing on polyurethane foam fabrication, Greiner and Tarbell saw the potential to do more in the furniture foam, packaging foam, medical foam, transportation foam, military, electronics, HVAC, athletic and marine foam markets. Not content to satisfy just one aspect of a company’s needs, G&T laid a foundation of curiosity, innovation and customer service. Exploring new materials such as polyethylene foam and cross linked foam and investing in automated CNC, water jet and die cut equipment enabled G&T Industries to grow through innovation.  Growth continued with the acquisition of Foam Fair Industries in 2015, giving G&T new opportunities in the rubber industry.

From there, under the leadership of Chairman Emeritus, Bob Wood, the company evolved into a people-based company concentrating on creating solutions to customers’ complex problems.

To respond to demands for streamlined international sourcing, G&T Industries pioneered World Resource Partners, a G&T Company, to bring high quality, low-cost die cast aluminum, plastic injection molding and self skinning polyurethane components to the North American marketplace from Asia. At World Resource Partners, we make the world your workforce. This means finding the right overseas partner, ensuring the highest quality, and backing every product with on-time reliability. That way, you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

logo stacked w-o g&t

Tramadol 50Mg Buy Online Uk

A future of success.

G&T Industries is an employee-owned company that continues to solve complex problems. Every member of our team has a personal stake in our success, and are honored to have one in yours as well.


Foam Fabrication

How We Work

We form trusting, personal relationships with our customers. We’re a solutions company with an incredible aptitude for foam and rubber fabrication, upholstery and assembly and order fulfillment. Our discipline and dedication keep us moving. Our curiosity and focus keep us in the lead. Our lean methods keep things efficient. People make the difference.




Strategic locations for strategic solutions.

Four locations work together with one purpose: giving our customers innovative, complex solutions. Lean manufacturing, exemplary customer service and dedicated people working toward your solution make G&T Industries efficient, robust and effective.






It’s the right thing to do.

We live in the environment, we work in the environment and we work for the environment. No gimmicks. It’s our responsibility to respect and protect our environment.

From design, through manufacturing and ultimately the end of the product life cycle, we incorporate DFE (design for the environment) principles to make sure everything we do, create and produce is environmentally responsible.



We want to meet good people.

If you’ve spent any time on this website, you understand we’re all about people. Our employee-owned company relies on and touts our people as the most important aspect of everything we do. Are you the next person to have a positive impact on G&T Industries?

Tramadol Online Cheap

Employee Ownership

Celebrating EMployee ownership.

Why We Celebrate

In 2005, the employees of G&T Industries took its legacy as a people-based company to the next level by purchasing 100% of the company from former CEO and President, Bob Wood and forming an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). One of only 7,000 employee owned companies in the United States, our empowered employee owners sets G&T apart in the marketplace. For more information, please visit: Order Tramadol Online Cod