G&T Wins Best & Brightest in Wellness in Michigan

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G&T Employees Join the YWCA and United Way to Adopt-A-Family


This holiday season G&T Industries, Inc. employees in Byron Center were connected to the YWCA via United Way for the Adopt-A-Family program.  The YWCA works specifically with families who have been affected by domestic violence.  For this reason much of the family information is kept confidential and the YWCA works with its volunteers to ensure […]

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G&T Announces Drew Schramm As Executive VP of Global Sourcing


G&T Industries is pleased to announce its hire of Drew Schramm, who will join the leadership team as the Executive Vice President of Global Sourcing at the Byron Center, Mich. location. Within this role, Schramm will lead the company’s Global Sourcing team and the World Resource Partners business unit.  Schramm’s proven background building successful supply […]

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