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We started in foam fabrication, and have been innovators ever since. You can feel seating foam in the latest office chair. Packaging foam protects your valuable equipment during shipping. Gaskets dampen sound and vibration. Foam and rubber are the solutions to your pressing issues, and the foundation on which our business functions.

Polyurethane Foam

Online Rx Tramadol, Tramadol Online Uk Reviews

Office furniture is comfortable. Marine cushions are stylish. Medical devices are precise. And it’s all because of polyurethane foam. With the ability to be CNC machined, convoluted, die-cut, compression-formed and water-jetted, polyurethane foam can solve the most complex problems.

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Marine cushions
Mattress rails and toppers
Hospitality seating
Theater/Auditorium seating
Athletic/Gymnastic training
Medical positioning wedges


Polyethylene Foam

Packaging Products

When dealing with expensive, fragile and class A surface items, you shouldn’t have to worry about shipping and handling. Enter the peace of mind that is polyethylene foam. With the perfect design for your application and the implementation only an experienced, innovative company can promise, your packaging problems are solved.


Crosslinked Polyethlene (XLPE)
Expanded Polypropylene / Polyethylene (EPP/EPE)
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)


Expendable packs
Returnable dunnage
Case inserts
Internal dunnage
Tote and rack cushioning
Foam rails



Gasketing Products

Air conditioning units keep heat out. Gaskets repel rain and snow. Self-Adhesive foam rubber tape eliminates air drafts. Closed cell sponge rubber shields from natural elements and extends the life of your products.


Elastomeric Sheet Insulation
Crushed EPDM
Expanded and Extruded Foam Rubber
Rubber Blends (PVCNBR)


Air and Fluid Filters
Gaskets and Seals
Thermal Controls
HVAC Insulations
Foam Tapes
Vibration Pads
Weather Strip Tapes

Furniture Foam

Upholstery and Assembly

OEM Products

Design. Prototyping. Assembly. Shipping. Quality. We are a product complete cut/sew/upholstery OEM provider that gets your ideas to market faster at a lower development cost. Our quality standards are those required of a tier 1 automotive supplier, ensuring your concepts emerge in the highest quality.


Mobile pedestal file cushions
Side-chair seat & back cushions
Lounge chairs, sofas & ottomans
Window-box cushions
Blown-fiber pillows
Conference Chairs
Task Chairs
Theater Stadium Seats